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Laughs and a Song

abortionFor the fellas…

hipsterSoooo hipster…I want it anyway…wait maybe I’m a hipster…wait…no…

Chemical BurnChemical burn.


Thanks for this one Jorge. Shout out to mi familia in Reno!

– Mushpa

Love is Love


I can’t change, nor do I want to. Love is love, strangers may judge, but family should stand by each other in times of struggle and change, not just for the times when life seems easy, but for those times when we need them most.

Label me as I do and as you label others. Just as we have pride in being a Latina, Black, Brown, Greek, Jew, left-handed can we not have pride in who we love. I am truly blessed to love who I love and trust me I am loved by the universe as well. I see it everyday.

My love keeps me warm.

I am free.