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Becoming Friends

One of my friends asked to chat me up on g-chat, so I logged on and added her today. It’s been a couple years since I’ve logged onto g-mail. I decided to check out my emails and saw an email from 2011 asking me to add BAIKAMARAJR as a friend. Obviously by now the request had expired, but I went to check it out the YouTube channel and this is what I found….greatness and beauty. This reminded me that life, God, the Universe always has my back, blessing me with what I need when I need it. Everything is bigger than what I think I see in front of me.

Life is a miracle everyday in darkness and light.



Penny in Yo Pants!

I dedicate this to my Mensa! 😀

To find out more go here,


– Mushpa

Bye Bye TV

Dynex TVTV, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

You are a perpetual distraction, a siren calling my name in my darkest hours. You lead me away from my destination whenever I ask it of you. I cannot recollect the last time you let me down.

I remember that sunny day in April 2008, I attempted to change my course by disconnecting from the satellite, but it wasn’t enough. I soon after discovered Netflix “Watch It Now”, Hulu, Wii, Play Station, Guitar Hero World Tour and a fafillion other ways to get my fix on. As long as I had the TV, no satellite…well, it meant nothing.

Today, I sold my love for a few bucks. Moment of silence please…


– Mushpa



Sometimes I need a little inspiration to push ahead, so I am spending time today looking for new venues. Here is how I found Capsule.

Yes, I am inspired again. Just watch what a little bit of inspiration does for me. Unfortunately, 2014 NYC is locked down, so I guess you won’t see us there until 2015. The anticipation…

You gotta step up your game to make it to the top, so go!


– La Mushpa

Love is Love


I can’t change, nor do I want to. Love is love, strangers may judge, but family should stand by each other in times of struggle and change, not just for the times when life seems easy, but for those times when we need them most.

Label me as I do and as you label others. Just as we have pride in being a Latina, Black, Brown, Greek, Jew, left-handed can we not have pride in who we love. I am truly blessed to love who I love and trust me I am loved by the universe as well. I see it everyday.

My love keeps me warm.

I am free.