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So Close To The End!

That is correct! We have literally HOURS to go and need to raise $800. We are on the 99th backer. Who will be our magic 100? Basically, we need 33 people to buy us a $25 NYC cocktail or our 99 backers to increase their pledge by $10. We will take either! :]

Here are three reasons why Mushpa y Mensa’s Magical Motor Machine Makeover needs YOU and you need US:

1. We make people feel good.

Our art speaks to people, and grand people listen. When you can speak through your art, that makes it worth all the struggle.

2. You will be happy to have a little piece of you with us all the time! When you support, contribute, help, pitch in, donate, share, join…whatever you want to call it, that means that a little piece of your hard work went into making magic happen. Thank you and you’re welcome.

3. We are JUMPING with our EYES closed!

This is happening, no matter the circumstances, no matter the sacrifices, no matter what!

…and we’re cute.  No, but really only 20ish hours left to go. Let’s do this!

Much love,

Mushpa y Mensa

P.S. – Here is the link again in case you missed it, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mushpamensa/mushpa-y-mensas-magical-motor-machine-makeover  ;]



We are going; come with us.

Check out our Kickstarter DreamMushpa y Mensa’s Magical Motor Machine Makeover!

ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT!!! Help us make it to Paradise. We promise we’ll save you a spot for when you get here.

Much love,

– Mushpa

Only 7 Days Left To Make Herstory!

Mushpa y Mensa EssentialsIt is the final week of Mushpa y Mensa’s Magical Motor Machine Makeover and we are 72% funded. We need your help in these last few days to get that other 28%. As you may or may not know, if we do not reach 100% we receive 0%. That cannot happen.

For those unaware of what Mushpa y Mensa’s Magical Motor Machine Makeover is all about, click here, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mushpamensa/mushpa-y-mensas-magical-motor-machine-makeover to learn more. It is worth it, cool drawings, awesome 3 minute video, super interesting plan! To sum it up rather nicely, it is about, “Two Brooklyn girls, their art, and their hope to fit it all into a box truck!”. The essentials photo above is our artist’s rendering of what we actually need to make that happen. If you would like to see the actual list of everything we need and how we got to the $7,300 amount you may click here.

I wish I had more time to get into all the juicy details, but I must go finish fundraising the world! :] Soon we will be able to come to you. Isn’t that cool? So check it out and show some love via pledging if you so choose. In addition to your pledge, feel free to post the link on Facebook… Tweet… Insta… Pin… Tumblr… etc… Spread the love! :] https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mushpamensa/mushpa-y-mensas-magical-motor-machine-makeover

Thank you to all of those who have supported us thus far and to all of our future dream makers!

– Mushpa

You Have A Kickstarter Project?

MyM Kickstarter

Mushpa y Mensa does have a Kickstarter project, Mushpa y Mensa’s Magical Motor Machine Makeover!  Thank you for asking. ;-]

In fact, Mushpa y Mensa’s Magical Motor Machine Makeover is now more than 50% funded thanks to all that have pledge so far! That is super awesome! Also, we want to give thanks to all that have promoted us through social media, emails, word of mouth and the like. Speaking of, Generation (WH)Y? just wrote a piece on two ongoing Kickstarter projects, one being ours, entitled, Two Cool Kickstarter Campaigns In New York City. It is a great read so read it! :]

My friends, we have 47% to go in 16 days, meaning:

If 135 people give $25 to  Mushpa y Mensa’s Magical Motor Machine Makeover we’re done. That’s 1 drink in NYC! Love us like you love to drink! http://kck.st/1lcBtmi

Please excuse the shameless promotion, but we need to get this done to move on to the next part, so we are able to come see all of you in our Magical Motor Machine full of our magical wares!

Thank you for your time. :]

– La Mushpa y La Mensa