What is a name?


I always asked myself,

why is it that these earthlings

look at me with that face?

No I am not an octopus, although my abuela was.

I am not a bear, although I still hug one every night…

I smell like lavender, yet I was not born from a garden,

or even somewhere more ridiculous like a cabbage patch.

I was always what I was supposed to be.

Yet my one missing piece,

just like the missing piece,

was my name.

Yet what’s in a name?

That which I call myself by any other name would still smell oh so sweet!

And yet a name is everything! And nothing at all…

So if you find yourself inspired,

or in need of a ear,

or just looking at me wondering “Que es eso!?”

…Ask yourself the same,

cause dear earthling,

I can tell that we are gonna be friends.

If you’d like to take me home you will find me here!

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