This Little Piggie

Pig Love

Dear Mensa,

First off let me apologize for the delay in response to this post and the fact that it has been a minute since I have posted any entry at all. Life has been crazy!

I love the logo so far Mensa! I can’t wait for you to finish. :] I will make sure to put it up all over our blog, Twitter, Etsy store and the like. I am so glad you finally saw the light of digital editing and art. Life is a balance between the organic and mechanic. Point is Photoshop is addicting in an OCD type of way and I love it!

On to me and my endeavors. I am working on a my little piggie (see above). I have no real idea how she is going to turn out, but I am almost done with what I consider to be a black canvas of pig to work on.  Watch out world here she comes!!! This is the first of many little creatures…

I can’t wait can you?


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