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Come See Us On Sunday

Maria Emilia Borja and Cara Reynolds

What only one day left to catch us at The Market NYC (159 Bleecker Street)? You still have time! Mushpa y Mensa will be there from 12pm-8pm tomorrow live and uncut.  If you live in the city or are visiting, make sure to stop by and show us some love.


A Little Bit of Self Promotion Never Hurt Anyone

Mushpa y Mensa

We write a bunch of blog entries about this and that, but I want to focus a bit on our baby Mushpa y Mensa today. I am going to send out fantastically positive energy to everyone to want what we have to offer.

Listen, I want to make it, not just for us realize, but for all the other artists, inventors and nerds who desire their freedom from a job they’ve never really loved. For all those who want to believe that it is possible to be happy in what you do. I want us to be that example where people say, “See anyone can make it if they do the work and believe.” Seriously, that is all anyone needs to do and we will prove it!

Here is my shameless self promotion below.

Mushpa y Mensa Etsy Store –  http://www.etsy.com/shop/MushpaYMensa
Mushpa y Mensa Blog – http://mushpamensa.wordpress.com/
Mushpa y Mensa Twitter – https://twitter.com/mushpamensa
Mushpa y Mensa Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/musphamensa/mushpa-y-mensa-we-are-two-crafty-chics/

Go check out our sites and buy one thing, maybe an amazing tablet case, or plush sweet pigs who think they are elephants and aliens who have no name, and there is even a gorgeous handmade, clay necklace!!!

Please, do us a solid and send an email to all your friends, family, enemies we don’t care who, just do it. It will take two seconds and you will be helping two people who in turn will help millions. You help us and the Universe will help you. I promise!!!!

Until next time…


Elephant the Pig

Elephant the Pig

Hello, my name is Elephant the Pig. I was born with my elephant birthmark which just confirms even more that I am an elephant trapped in a pig’s body. I love to eat leaves and foliage all day long. I am a herbivore through and through. I never met my parents, so who is to say I am a pig and not an elephant? Well, my body says I am a pig but my heart and soul knows different. I am looking for a home with a person, people, family that will accept me for who I am, not who they want me to be, not for whom I seem to be. If you are that person, people, or family then I am ready to come home.

Remember, there is only one of me in all the known and unknown universes, just like you.


Elephant the Pig

p.s.- I’m made from 100% Eco-fi®, a high quality polyester fiber made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. I’m just saying.

This Little Piggie

Pig Love

Dear Mensa,

First off let me apologize for the delay in response to this post and the fact that it has been a minute since I have posted any entry at all. Life has been crazy!

I love the logo so far Mensa! I can’t wait for you to finish. :] I will make sure to put it up all over our blog, Twitter, Etsy store and the like. I am so glad you finally saw the light of digital editing and art. Life is a balance between the organic and mechanic. Point is Photoshop is addicting in an OCD type of way and I love it!

On to me and my endeavors. I am working on a my little piggie (see above). I have no real idea how she is going to turn out, but I am almost done with what I consider to be a black canvas of pig to work on.  Watch out world here she comes!!! This is the first of many little creatures…

I can’t wait can you?


A Blue Pig, A Green…


Check it ooooout!

A little handmade, a little recycled, a little too cute.

The first set of earthly creatures, that not only are made from super eco-friendly materials, but also smell so sweet!

Aqui esta la Mushpa, sewing on a kosher pig ear…with a flower pattern of course.

Soon to arrive at the Etsy store!

Stay warm,