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3 Ingredients: All Natural Every Day Cleaner

We made our own all purpose house cleaner with 3 ingredients we have at home. It will save us some $$$ and it is super environmentally conscious, AND its as easy and cheesy as 1, 2, 3!


Dont throw away your old cleaner’s spray bottle!

Keep it, and fill it half way with white vinegar.



Fill the rest of the bottle with all-natural tap water! ; )

water bubbles


Add about 5-10 drops of essential oil. We used peppermint because it smells oh-so-fresh, but you can do anything from lavender to patchouli!

Peppermint essential oil


You can use this anywhere and everywhere, and according to The New Homemaker there is dozens of combinations that you can use vinegar with to clean everything from your laundry to removing stains and odors!

So why bother buying “green” cleaners when we can make them at home!?

So do it now!