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Photos of Our Peeps

Mushpa y Mensa Peeps

What, Mushpa y Mensa has a new section on their site featuring their amazingly gorgeous super fans sporting their art? YES…yes, we do! You need to go check it out here, www.mushpaymensa.com/photos-of-our-peeps/.

If you too have a photo of you in an original, organic cotton shirt, unique handmade jewelry, or your lavender stuffed plush pets made out of recycled plastic bottle felt doing something, or whatever art you may have gotten from us here at Mushpa y Mensa, send it in.  We will put you up on Mushpa y Mensa’s “Photos of Our Peeps” page. Just email the photos to info[at]mushpamensa[dot]com and we’ll do the rest.

Much love,

– Mushpa y Mensa

American Gothic Girls

The StudioThese gorgeous photographs are the amazing art of our friend Anna White who came into our home a few weeks ago to take pictures of us (Mushpa y Mensa)and our cat Jefe.  She is working on a photo collection of couples and individuals in their NYC homes. Anna wanted us to convey an American Gothic style, hence our stoic demeanor.


It was mad fun and the pictures turned out fabulous!

The Bedroom


The Kitchen