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Easy Hummus Yummus Recipe! (Without Tahini)

Sunday morning I cleaned my kitchen and realized I had a can of garbanzo beans in the pantry…So what can I make? Well what else but HUMMUS!

I looked up a couple of recipes and realized that one of the main ingredients, tahini (sesame paste), was not in my pantry…

So I IMPROVISED! And it turned out better than delicious!

This is an easy recipe for a home-made hummus. I usually eat it with carrots, sugar snap peas and crunchy anything. The combination is the best!


Here it is:

-1 can of garbanzo beans

-1 lemon for its tangy juice (use less depending on your liking…I ❤ lemons!)

-salty salt (about a teaspoon or more also depending on your tastebuds)

– Olive Oil

– a little cumin

-1 tablespoon or so of pine nuts (These replaced the sesame seeds/tahini)

-1 clove of garlic

Add garbanzo beans (making sure you drain all the extra water from the can), about a teaspoon of salt, a good two tablespoons of olive oil, the garlic, a couple of “shakes” of cumin, and the pine nuts all in a food processor. You can also use a blender of course, as long as you blend it to a smooth consistency. I eye-balled the recipe, so amounts are about what I think I put in. A little more, a little less will only make it YOUR hummus recipe :]


I tasted it and thought it needed a bit more olive oil, so as it blended I poured a bit more in to give it texture. I transferred it to my own tub and now I have hummus for the week!

And it only took about 10 minutes!

First time hummus making…a delicious SUCCESS!


Organic Mango Lassi Recipe

Mango Lassi

Yup yup. Mango Lassi for breakfast! Here is how easy it is…

Add to your blender:

– 1 cup chopped, organic mango (peeled and stone removed)

– About a cup and a half of non-fat, organic plain yogurt

– A splash of organic Apple Juice for added sweetness

Mix together y listo! A healthier version of a yummy mango lassi.