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Before January ends….Re-Calendar!

In the time it takes you to get in your car, subway or bike to the office supply store to buy a calendar, you can easily make a calendar for the new year yourself! For free if you have the supplies, and Eco if you reuse old paper and use supplies from home!

mushpa y mensa

We did this half way through last year, and last week we took the old calendar down, flipped over the old pages and drew new lines for the new days and months of the new year!


1. Find any 18×10 inch paper or card-stock. We had some around, and it turned out to be the PERFECT size.  You can make a smaller too, just make sure you divide it in 7 equal parts for the days of the week.

2. Using a ruler, mark off every 2 inches on every side, and draw vertical and horizontal lines to make the little boxes. This size was perfect for 7 days (each day was 2×2 inch squares) and it left a nice (2×4 inch space each week) for additional “notes”.

mushpa y mensa

3. Mark the days of the week with a marker, and while LOOKING CAREFULLY at a calendar (I looked on my phone) mark the days down when the month starts, through its end.

4. Add some colors and decorations….and any special dates you may wish to remember….and you’re done! : )

Happy crafting!


Get your Pollock on! (Easy to Make Business Cards)

Need a quick and cheap idea to make your own business cards?

1. Gather some card stock paper, a paintbrush and some water colors and prepare to make a little mess….and now make a mess!!! Splatter some water colors all over the place! Get you Pollock on : )

DIY home made business card ideas

2. Let it dry and cut into small rectangles. If you have a custom stamp (which we will be having soon) put it on the back, or just hand write your information down.


Easy Peasy!!!


Roses are for Framing

So we recently acquired a small mirror that needed some up-dating. And what else to paint on it but pretty flowers!

DIY Rose Hand painted Frame

I forgot to take before pictures, but it was regular medium brown wood.

Here are some pictures of how it turned out!


I used acrylic paint. For the background I mixed a little black, some orange and white paint.

DIY Rose Hand painted Frame

I also used a palette knife to give texture to the flowers and the leafs.

I finalized with a paint marker for small details and highlights….y listo!

New frame for the studio!

DIY Rose Hand painted Frame

Happy Sunday painting until late hours of the night is always fun!!!

DIY Rose Hand painted Frame