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Co-Co-Co-Controversial: “Turns out you gals are useful after all!”

You might say…. Outrageous! Sexist! Oh how far we’ve come along!…..

controversial misogynistic ad 1950

For war! Or just around the house…

controversial misogynistic 1970'sad

Apparently smoke made us follow you anywhere.

 smoke cigarette controversial misogynistic ad

But did you flip through this decade’s magazines? Or even last month’s magazine?…..

Progress? Not so much…

post it controversial misogynistic ad

What thing did you need to remember? Or maybe just a picture to remind you…

car and sex controversial misogynistic ad

Or just simple and blunt in your face?

gang rape controversial misogynistic ad

The pictures speak for themselves.

This is only a reminder, because we should already notice.

 Because it still exists.

This is a reminder, to remember that 1950 was just yesterday, and that we are still drinking the kool-aid today…

 By the way, did you pick last-moths Cosmo? Some great tips!
fake cosmopolitan magazineThat’s it.
-la Mensa