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Mushpa y Mensa Super Summer Update

Hello Mushpa y Mensa Super Fans!

Yes, you see right, it’s Mushpa y Mensa’s Super Summer update, after a few months of silence. We are happy to say that in the last three months, Mushpa y Mensa have begun their “Gypsy Market Life”. Already, on this journey, we have met quite a few amazing people, like the folks at Seaglass Salvage Market, Brooklyn Arts Center, Beacon House Inn, and Satellite Lounge to name a few. We have also danced and tasted many sweet wines at the Duplin Winery’s Main Squeeze Music and Wine Festival, as well as met dozens of new, fun people at the annual Azalea and Strawberry Festivals in North Carolina. ;] We even partnered up with Wilmington’s Earth Day Alliance and enjoyed a wonderful Earth Day Celebration at Hugh MaCrae Park.

It’s been surreal so far.

It’s amazing what faith, love, encouragement, and a little help from our friends can do. In terms of our little cottage industry, we are, as you say, busting a hump. We are constantly checking ourselves on how we can make things better from our art, to our business, to our life.

We have actually just updated the “Photos of Our Peeps” page on Mushpa y Mensa’s site. We added a photo uploading tool, so you can upload pictures of you in our organic tees, wearing our amazing jewelry, hugging our lavender filled plush pets, or even just keeping your hands cool with one of our coffee cozies. :]

And in terms of our Art? Well we keep on bringing to life tons of ideas in our head. For example, we recently created 3.5 new shirt designs. A cool Octopus Olivia with an Anchor Tattoo on her forehead,as well as R6: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish, Reflect, Reimagine inspired by Earth Day.

We also have new organic Pima cotton relaxed fit tops that are flying out of the truck. Here is an example of the Pima tops with one of our new designs, Argema Mittrei, a female moth. Lastly, we spruced up Robot Girl and added a cute heart. All these designs we print for the ladies, the gents, and of course the smallest people around.

Mushpa y Mensa have also been focusing on custom shirts that have been selling off Maya so fast we don’t even have time to list them on our Etsy shop!

Spread the art, spread the love.

A few questions answered…

Where can I find the Art Truck?

Follow us on Twitter @mushpamensa. We are constantly posting when and where we will be. There is also an events page on our site, we keep updated, but Twitter is best for the most up to date information.

We are doing some art shows, markets and fleas, but are hunting to find good spots to park around town. We are partnering up with cool people like the folks at the Beacon House Inn on Carolina Beach and Satellite Bar and Lounge in Wilmington.

And for all the natives and people in the know, since we are new in town, feel free to hit us up at or our contact page with any ideas where to park, festivals to do or whether you’d like us to rock a party or event with you!

Are you going on the road anytime soon?

We want to explore the grounds of NC and the surrounding area, so we will keep the max to weekend trips. But worry not, we will definitely be making it into the mid-west and west-coast! Maybe even an occasional trip to NYC sooner than you think!

If you have any questions about anything, make sure to ask! We love to hear from you all.

Until the next super exciting Mushpa y Mensa’s and Maya, Magical Mobile Art Machine update we say good day!

With lots of love,

               Cara and Maria Emilia


Happy Mother’s Day or Sunday!!!

Mushpa y Mensa

We here at Mushpa y Mensa wanted to wish everyone in the know and unknown universes a Happy Mother’s Day!!! We hope it is filled with much love and fantabulous brunches. If you don’t fall under the Mother’s Day umbrella then we wish you an amazing Sunday of fantastical brunches. You’re welcome. :]

We honor our Mothers and our dear Mother Earth at Mushpa y Mensa with our “No More Stitches, Mama Earth Needs a Cure” shirt. You may pick one (or a fafillion) up for you, your mom, your mom’s mom, or anyone really since it is about honoring Mama Earth today at The Market NYC (159 Bleecker Street) from 12pm-8pm!!!

In other news, Mushpa y Mensa got a shout out this week by Jeffrey Hartinger of Generation: (WH)Y?. Check out the story here.

Alright, I think that is enough exciting news for now. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have.

– La Mushpa y La Mensa

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Vertebral: T-shirt Collection

So what can we add to an already awesome t-shit to make it extra nice?

trippled-yarned back.

Well, how about some vertebral funk!

a big bow

Yarn, scissors and a little creative juice

makes these the first set of T’s we have revamped with lots of love!

four little bows...
four little bows…

Testing! Testing! so they are not for sale……yet.

Let us know what you think!


Ps. Gracias Mushpa for the absolute patience when trying these on!

Birthday Month


It’s my Birthday month. Yes, I said month. :] My actual birthday is February 13th for all of you that want to know. I prefer not to just focus on the one day, but I feel a whole month is more the way to go. I’m just saying.

Today, Mensa tells me to go and get something from another room and when I go in what is there but two balls of yarn, three pairs of gold sparkly clear knitting needles, and some candles with a bow on top (the cat we already had). This is what it is about really. These are the kind of things she does that helps me believe we will be successful in this endeavor or any others we choose to do.

I don’t know what I am going to make from this, but I promise to show you when I’m done.