A Photoshop Adventure!

Logo Making

Hey Mushpa,

I must admit…This not having a job and dedicating my time to making something out of nothing is a lot of work, and like you said yesterday, it is easy to not see how each small step we take ends up rewarding us in some way. Yesterday, after many Photoshop questions later, we finally settled on some logos!…Which I think it is pretty huge in order to get our little faces and our amazing crafts out into the world. The crazy thing is, that I had no idea how much I would end up learning about Photoshop! Who needs a class when you got a nerd like Mushpa aka. the IT Phenomena (more on the tech-y nerd stuff in a future post) in the house, and a few hours of yelling and screaming at a program in order to teach you how to draw a circle!? Its official. I am hooked on the art of Photoshop. My hate talk of how these programs are taking over the Fine Arts world has been turned into an appreciation of fine art editing, which I must say is pretty addicting. Who would have thought that I could spend over three hours making a single line perfect?
Don’t get me wrong. I still do believe that it is a bit discouraging for artists who work with their hands to only see “Excellent Photoshop skills are a MUST” on ever other job description, where the actual requisite is excellence in creativity, but now that I have the basics down I have to say… To ALL Photoshop impaired souls out there, do not give up! Once you get the hang of it, this intimidating tool ends up being quite useful, and you can learn it yourself with the help of many you tube videos. Trust me, the best feeling is figuring out how to do something you’ve been trying to work through for hours.

So back to my main point….We have a logo! From our heads, to paper, to Photoshop! Here is a sneak peak. 🙂


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