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Sleep to Dream

sleep to dream

I found this great painting above “Sleep to Dream”,  by Stella Im Hultberg while looking up a link to send to Ms. Mensa. The link was of this kinda supa fly Lolita Rococo Necklace in pink I surprised her with the other day…

Lolita Necklace Ivory Pink

This piece is from the Couture by Lolita collection by Danielle Maree. She’s well known for her Lolita Skeleton Cameo.

According to her site,

each item is hand made with high quality cameos created in the USA with premium, raw, and antique materials. Meticulous in all their glory, each piece reflects a haunting beauty that provides a statement piece to any wardrobe.

None of that is real point, just the journey is sometimes fun to document. :] It was going to be just about this artist Stella Im Hultberg’s amazing sketchbooks. I really thought the drawings in the first one, 2010 Blue◾HandBook are amazingly fabulous, check them out for yourselves.

Stella Im Hultberg

Now for sleep…