So Close We Can Feel It

 Kickstarter Mushpa y Mensa

Hello Amazing Beings,

We have surpassed the 75% mark on our Kickstarter Campaign! YES!!!

With the support of family, friends, and strangers from far and beyond, we all are making it happen.

We are so close we can taste victory! We have less than 1 week left, and only $1,700 to go!

only 5 days for our kickstarter

So here is the deal…

Your Small Sacrifice Today = Life Changing Moment for All

$25 to make dreams come true? That’s a deal! Join us with your support?

We thank you in advance.

thank you backers

And to all our current BACKERS, let’s start out with…

A BIG Thank you!

Simply amazing.

For all those Backers who want to continue to support, here are 3 simple ways to do so:

1. Leave a comment on our Kickstarter project page! The more love we have from you, the better we do. Meaning we come up higher in the Kickstarter ranks the more you comment. That way more people will see our project.

2. Ask a friend to support. If all of you get 1 friend to support our Kickstarter we’ll be done in no time.

3. Promote, Promote and Promote. Social media, conversations, TV, radio, newspapers, blog, zines, sign language, smoke signals…you decide.

Thanks to everyone once more!


Mushpa y Mensa



4 thoughts on “So Close We Can Feel It

  1. Hey this is gary bought a cool robot t shirt from you last sunday and everyone including myself loves it anyways hope your having a slendid day also you took a pic of me did you put it up???? Anyways im an artist as well i do music as BAZOOKABUBBA anyways have great day ladies!!!!

    1. Gary!!! So glad you love the shirt. It suits you perfectly, I swear. We just listened to 3 of BAZOOKABUBBA’s jams before heading out to Astoria. It’s great so far. Nice! We’ll check out the rest later. We are working on the site’s peeps in photos page right now. It will be up soon. I’ll hit you up and let you know when it’s done. Happy weekend!

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