Officially Mushpa, Officially Mensa

We are delighted to let you and the world know that we are official!

On November 3, 2013 Mushpa y Mensa went on a small field trip to the Kings County Clerk Office. Here we registered our name, paid a fee, and got a nice stamp of approval to become a real business in Brooklyn, NY!

Here are some pictures of the process and some tips….

1. We bought a “Business Certificate for Partnership” at a Stationary that provides legal documents. For a partnership you have to get form X74. They cost about $3. Fill it out with BLACK ink! (Thank you Mushpa for double checking on the small details!).

Business Certificate Brooklyn

After that you have to sign it in front of a public notary and boom! You are ready to move on. We found a notary close to the County Clerk’s Office.  He sold candy and snacks too!

Business Certificate Brooklyn

2. We went to 360 Adams St. (room 189) were the King’s County Clerk office is located and went through 3 separate windows to get this processed. It was very quick! You give them your signed certificate, the name of your business, Mushpa y Mensa for us, and jump to the next window to pay a fee.  In their website they have the following information on fees:

“Fee for filing $100.00
Fee for certification $10.00 for certified copy
Fee for image copies $ 0.25 per page


Business Certificate Brooklyn

3. With the receipt of your paid fees you approach the last window and patiently await your stamped certificate! Below is Mushpa being so patient and very excited!

Business Certificate Brooklyn

4. You did it! and by you, I mean WE DID IT! Finally we are an officially registered business in Kings County aka Brooklyn, New York! Here is some more information that we found on becoming a business, what type of business, and further registering at local and state level. It is a bit confusing at first, but doing LOTS of reading is very helpful. Make sure you also register for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) which works as a Social Security Number for your business when you have to file taxes with the IRS. You can file form SS-4 online! And if you will be engaging in selling and charging sales tax you also have to get a Certificate of Authority.

Business Certificate Brooklyn

5. Then you CELEBRATE! With our new official Business Certificate, we went to get delicious milkshakes : ) Now we can conduct business officially as Mushpa y Mensa!

Business Certificate Brooklyn

Moving forward! Yep yep!


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