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Into Eternity

Mensa was thinking the other day what will it be like in the future. More so what will people think of us in the future? What we have done to the earth is deep.  We have created high-level radioactive waste that will survive 100,000 years. We are responsible for our trash and our trash will affect people beyond a time frame we can truly comprehend. This film, Into Eternity, which you may watch in its entirety above, it is not only informative, eye-opening, etc, it is also visually stimulating…so beautiful.

Funny, we just stumbled upon this movie right when we were talking about the environment and future. Universe. :] Here is a preview of the film to reel you in.

Let’s keep our trash to a minimum please.

– Mushpa

First Flickr and Now This?!?!


Mensa getting ready for the Apocalypse with a bull’s eye, not bad. :]

Yes my friends we are kicking up our social media game lately. Here is Mushpa y Mensa’s new fun filled YouTube Video Channel where we showcase our how-to videos, La Mushpa y La Mensa having fun, going on amazing adventures, mini documentaries, hilarious hijinks, and whatever else we are moved by.


18 meters back I am the only woman to make the target and 1 out of 3 to hit it at all. :] I’m just sayin’ ;-] Apocalypse here I come!

For your entertainment there will also be a million playlists of sweet jams, serious segments, comedy, save-the-world videos among many others. Be ready for the Mushpa y Mensa visual art experience.

Much love,


Love is Love


I can’t change, nor do I want to. Love is love, strangers may judge, but family should stand by each other in times of struggle and change, not just for the times when life seems easy, but for those times when we need them most.

Label me as I do and as you label others. Just as we have pride in being a Latina, Black, Brown, Greek, Jew, left-handed can we not have pride in who we love. I am truly blessed to love who I love and trust me I am loved by the universe as well. I see it everyday.

My love keeps me warm.

I am free.