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The Final Countdown

3 Days Left

First off, Happy Memorial Day weekend. It is officially, unofficially the beginning of Summer! This is Mushpa y Mensa’s season of organic cotton, original design, hand-made t-shirt glory! You need a new organic tank top for the season? We’ve got it! We will be in Astoria at the Astoria Flea and Food @Kaufman Astoria Studios (click here for more information) today from 10AM-6PM. Come see us and check out Maya, our box truck in person! We will even have the diorama with us. I know…exciting!

Maya Box Truck

Alright people let’s get to it! We have hit the final 3 days of our Kickstarter project, Mushpa y Mensa’s Magical Motor Machine Makeover! We are 81% funded at $5,971, but our goal is $7,300 in less than 3 days. That is $1,329 we need to raise in a very short amount of time. We can do it, but we need the help of family, friends and strangers. Go check out Mushpa y Mensa’s Magical Motor Machine Makeover and see how we will take this blank canvass of a box truck and transform it into mobile street art. Be a part of something you can brag that you brought into fruition! That alone is worth it. ;]

Much love,

– Mushpa



Mushpa y Mensa’s New Baby

Ford E350 Step VanIsn’t she beautiful? What you want to see more pictures??? Just like any proud parents we have more don’t worry, click here!

Why did we get this beautiful ride you ask? Well for a few reasons, one, we do flea markets all over this great big city (NYC) and thus far have had to drag tents, tables, chairs, product, displays, etc on the NYC public transit system.  Don’t even ask how…but basically we have been, over the last few months, developing insane upper body strength. Don’t get me wrong that’s nice, but walking up and down a million flights of stairs, getting in a packed train, delays, drama and more drama….no thank you.

That’s reason one! Reason two, well I can’t get into too many details, but we have big ideas, plans, dreams and this step van is the vehicle we will be using to achieve them. I am the worst with secrets, so don’t worry you will know sooner than later. One way to know more is to subscribe to our fantastical newsletter!!! You know you want to stalk us!

Much love.

– Mushpa