Party Close Up

Host a Magical Mobile Art Party!

Yes, you can book Maya, and bring the MAGIC to your event.

Here’s the deal:

  1. Who can book this fantastical store on wheels? Private parties, businesses, non-profits and cool joints like bars, lounges, restaurants, hotels, yoga studios, college events,  salons, spas, museums, fabric stores, wine shops, candle makers, vegan bakeries… Seriously, we’re open to all.
  2. We will travel from Wilmington to the Carolina beaches, the Research Triangle, the mountains, and basically anywhere in the surrounding NC states. We may be persuaded to leave the country. Let’s talk about it.
  3. Where can we park our sweet ride you may ask? Maya needs a minimum of 25 feet in length (around 2 small car lengths) and at least 12 feet wide to park. Flat ground is preferred, be it a driveway, a legally reserved spot on a street, a parking lot or yard. The event host is responsible for providing us with this space prior to our arrival.

Now you know the deal, feel free to contact us here or call us at 347-566-1421 to book your event!

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