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Wilmington’s 2015 Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day

This year’s theme is “Life Starts from the Ground Up.”

This theme was chosen to coincide with the Food and Agriculture Organization designating 2015 the “International Year of Soils”. Healthy soil is important for all things on Earth. Soil is the basis for life, as soil gives us many things necessary for survival. Crops for food, trees to produce oxygen and lumber for building shelters, clay for creating bricks for building structures, plant fibers for creating clothing, ground to live on, and minerals in the soil used for medicines, food, and other items. This is a short list of the many benefits we receive from healthy soil. The Earth Day Alliance wants to help bring attention to this important environmental resource and show people that healthy, sustainable soil is important for our future. Did you know that it takes 500-1000 years for one inch of soil to form? Therefore, it’s important to protect the soil we have today. Some ways we can protect the soil include: reducing pollution, reducing/preventing erosion, reducing and/or rerouting stormwater runoff.