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15th Anniversary Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference

We are delighted to be coming together for our 15th year of this strong, supportive sisterhood honoring ourselves, the plants, and the Earth. We hope you’ll come join this gathering of wise women in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and see for yourself what the buzz is all about . . .

woman smells plant

The weekend of October 11-13, we will share inspiration, celebration and practical learning about earth-based healing and women’s health. Nestled on 1,400 peaceful acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains, our venue, Kanuga Conference & Retreat Center outside of Hendersonville, NC, offers a serene backdrop for over 50 workshops and classes in herbalism, nutrition, personal growth and natural healing. We invite you to renew your spirit, explore your power and engage in the extraordinary experience of the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference!

For the 15th anniversary, many women whose friends have been encouraging them to come for years, are joining us for the first time. Others who have been with us for one or more conferences over the years, are returning to immerse themselves once again in this unique experience of woman-centered learning and connection . . . This is the year to bring in your sisters! 

2018 Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference

At the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference October 12-14, workshops will include subjects related to healing historical trauma and racial reconciliation.

Now in its 14th year, the event is moving to Kanuga Conference & Retreat Center in Hendersonville, NC.

Why include a focus on racial equity at an herbal conference? Southeast Wise Women Director Corinna Wood explains that the conference focuses on women’s health from a perspective of empowerment and self-love, which includes overcoming internalized oppression. “For women of color, day-to-day experiences of systemic racism, micro-aggressions, and internalized oppression add up to huge health-risk factors. Therefore, we consider the dynamics of racism an important aspect of women’s health to address, individually and collectively.”

One highlight of the weekend will come on Saturday, Oct. 13, when Racial Equity Institute director Deena Hayes-Greene and Monica Walker will present “Racial Atonement & Reconciliation,” a healing journey designed to function as “a process to make people whole again.”

As the organizers describe, “Issues and discussions about slavery and racism still often remain taboo in the American psyche. We have so divorced ourselves from the pain of remembering, that selective amnesia became second nature. What is our way out? It is back through. Born out of a dire need to address the residual effects of Post-Traumatic Slavery Disorder, this is a story that places the history of this nation in its truest perspective and offers an opportunity for all of us to understand the nature of the oppression inflicted upon generations of Africans in America.”

Saturday’s special program will be followed by a late-night concert, “The Women United Will Never Be Defeated,” with nationally renowned African drummer Ubaka Hill.

On Sunday morning, Oct. 14, Deena Hayes-Greene will lead an intensive program, “Racial Equity: A Groundwater Approach,” using stories and research data to present a perspective that racism is fundamentally structural in nature and is so normalized as to be almost invisible. As Hayes-Greene says, “It is hard to address a problem that we cannot see clearly or understand well. Yet, as a cross-system problem, we are all connected to these issues.” Participants will gain an understanding of the nature of structural racism, and how diagnosis determines treatment.

The weekend lineup of more than 50 classes on subjects related to herbs and women’s health includes the popular returning class “Herbs, Slavery, and the South,” with Angelique Sobande Greer. And “In Transcending Historical Trauma and Grief,” led by Patty Grant-Edgemon, participants learn how historical events continue to impact the lives of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nation. “Acknowledging these traumas affects each person individually and the courage it will take to move beyond the trauma into forgiveness,” says Grant.

Asheville native Jacquelyn Hallum will also present “Know Better, Be Better,” based on Maya Angelou’s famous line, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” Hallum says, “Let us reflect on our journey through our multi-ethnic society and look at micro-aggressions and implicit biases that impact people based on ‘isms’ while functioning on the premise that we are doing our best.”

For details on the 2018 herbal conference, visit the Southeast Wise Women website at www.sewisewomen.com.


Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference

Mushpa + Mensa is super excited to be a part of the 13th Annual Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference for the first time ever!!! See below to find out the 411 about this mystical event. Hopefully, we will see you there.

We are delighted to be coming together once again in this strong, beautiful sisterhood and celebrating the Earth and each other. For one weekend in autumn, we share inspiration, celebration and practical learning about earth-based healing and women’s health. Surrounded by the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains, our venue at Lake Eden offers a beautiful, serene backdrop for over 60 workshops and classes in herbalism, nutrition, personal growth and natural healing. We invite you to renew your spirit, explore your power and engage in the extraordinary experience of the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference.

This year’s focus is on women’s health, inside and out. Join us in developing the tools to reclaim our health! We’ve packed our class schedule with inspiring learning opportunities with extraordinary teachers including Dr. Aviva Romm, Robin Rose Bennett, Gina Breedlove, and Phyllis Light, who are dedicated to health and wholeness for our communities, the planet and ourselves. As Dr. Aviva Romm says, as women, we need to “overcome overwhelm, and become health rebels!”

The conference weekend registration includes over 70 inspiring and informative 90 minute classes with a wide range of topics for every woman interested in herbal medicine and women’s wisdom–from beginning herbalists to advanced practitioners.


In addition to our regular classes we also offer intensives and workshops which offer the opportunity to study more deeply with a featured teacher on a specific subject. Intensives are longer than the regular classes (3 to 3 1/2 hours) to allow for more in-depth study on a topic. Workshops are smaller than the regular classes (50 participants max) and provide an opportunity for hands-on experiential learning. These are the only classes not included in your registration fee.

Fall 2016 LEAF Festival – Carnival of Wonder

leaf-fall-2016Mushpa + Mensa is back at LEAF for some amazing times while working and glamping!!! Can’t get enough of LEAF!

For over 20 years, each May & October an intergenerational family of 12,000 people join together upon the beautiful Lake Eden grounds to experience the power music, art and culture has to transform lives, strengthen community, and foster unity. LEAF Festival takes place on the site of the old Historic Black Mountain College with a stunning mix of rolling hills, lakes, streams, and mountain beauty on hundreds of acres of comfortable camping grounds. LEAF scours the globe for artists, musicians, performers and facilitators that are not only masters of their craft, but who also care deeply for the power of arts education.

LEAF Community Arts is a non-profit organization in which all donations and festival proceeds supports cultural arts education programming locally and globally! Since 2004, LEAF Schools & Streets has served over 45,000 youth with programs in over 20 Western North Carolina locations. LEAF International features cultural preservation programs in 10 countries worldwide. Your attendance at LEAF not only provides you with an amazing weekend experience with friends and family, but provides a platform for fostering growth of youth into artistic leaders in their communities worldwide.

Spring 2016 LEAF Festival – World Fusion with Cuban Spice

For over 20 years, LEAF Festival has grown into an epicenter of music, art, creativity, and culture for thousands of families across America. Resting within 200 acres of beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain country, LEAF Festival features 6 performance stages, 8 family adventure villages, over 100 vendors, over 400 performing artists, and dozens of interactive activity centers awaiting your exploration! Yet of greatest importance is that your family arrives safely and comfortably into the grounds – well informed and prepared for an incredible weekend experience.

Leaf_Poster_Spring2016_outlMushpa + Mensa will be there with their Magical Mobile Art Machine Maya! Camping and dancing our life away!


-Mushpa + Mensa