About Mushpa y Mensa


Mushpa y Mensa!!!! ¿Qué es? Mushpa and Mensa is the creative creation of Cara Elaine (Mushpa) and Maria Emilia (Mensa). What we offer you is jewelry designed from a force beyond our own brains into our capable hands, magic dolls out of recycled plastic bottles, organic cotton tees with fantastical designs and whatever else our maniacal minds come up with. All produced in our very own Brooklyn based studio.

Come check out our Etsy store:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/MushpaYMensa

What you want to spread the word about out amazing, magical shop of art? No problem, here is a blurb that you may post away on your Facebook if you so choose…

Mushpa y Mensa, is a small eco-boutique that moves around the city’s outdoor (& at times indoor) markets, advocating for local, eco-conscious, women-owned, small businesses all over the world, and of course to spread our art, messages, laughter, & love! We (Cara Elaine (Mushpa) and Maria Emilia (Mensa)) hope people see we love what we’re doing (making a living selling our art), and get inspired to make small changes in their lives. Small moments become large movements.  Mushpa y Mensa is a small team with really big dreams.

Come check out our cute shop here: www.mushpamensa.com

Wanna tweet some love as well? We’ve written something for you…

Small moments become large movements. Mushpa y Mensa is a small team with really big dreams. Come check us out http://www.mushpamensa.com

No, but seriously thanks to everyone that has supported us over these last few months. To family, friends and the multitudes of strangers we’ve met and not one of them we haven’t genuinely liked. People who have really made us feel good about our decision to do something different, doing what we love for a living.

Here’s to making it.

– Mushpa y Mensa

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