About Mushpa + Mensa

Maria Emilia y Cara Elaine


Mushpa + Mensa, the creation of Cara Elaine Reynolds (Mushpa) and Maria Emilia Borja (Mensa). We offer you jewelry designed from a force beyond our very minds, which falls into our capable hands, magical plush pets created out of recycled plastic bottle felt, organic cotton tees with our own fantastical designs and whatever else our maniacal minds may come up with. Mushpa + Mensa began in Brooklyn, NYC and later migrated south to Wilmington, NC, with their Magical Mobile Art Machine, Maya. We went from city life to the beach life.

Mushpa + Mensa is a small mobile, solar powered, eco-boutique advocating for local, eco-conscious, women-owned, small businesses all over the world, spreading our art, messages, laughter, and love along the way! We hope people see we love what we are doing (making a living selling our art), and get inspired to make grand changes in their lives for the better.


Small moments become large movements.
Mushpa + Mensa is a small team with big dreams.